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Advancing Wellness & Performance with Technology

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth at the Advancement Center? You've found the only place to experience a revolutionary suite of exclusive technology-based services that harness the power of neuro and bio feedback modalities to advance wellness using the latest technology. From Bio-Tuning scientific sound therapy to Life Coaching, Reiki, Brain Trainer, and Interactive Metronome, these extraordinary innovations help unlock your true potential, enhance your well-being, and elevate your performance in every aspect of your life. 

TP, Cheyenne WY

"After years of trying therapy alone, we added wraparound and neurofeedback. After just a few sessions, we noticed big changes. Now, we finally have our child back. It took months, not years and we can't thank you enough."

CC, Cheyenne WY

"After 6 sessions of Brain Training, my anxiety was so much more manageable. It was so easy and fast! I feel more in control than I ever have."

LD, Gillette WY

"The people at TAC are amazing! They really listen and know their stuff. The best is they offer solutions that actually make a real difference."
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Looking for alternatives or just something in addition to what you already do to manage your mental health? 

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